nDx Dice Emulator

Many people play games which require repetitive throws of a small set of dice. This is usualy indicated by nDx, where n is the number of dice to throw (e.g. 2) and x is the number of sides (e.g. 6). One might read this as "Throw n dice of x sides". This simple CGI application is intended to help game players who find access to the network easier than managing a bunch of dice.

The basic operation of the program is to ask you to specify n and x. From there a Perl-based CGI script will repetitively 'throw' dice (i.e. use the rand() function) each time you hit the 'new roll' button. There is also a 'return' button that will return the user to this page. The assumption is that you're either using a game that requires mixed (i.e. say 6-sided and 10-sided die) or else you're just mucking about with the program.

It's worth noting that the rand() function in Perl has some known limitation. If you'd like to learn more then I can suggest the following book.

Programming Perl
L. Wall, T. Christiansen, R.L. Schwartz
ISBN 1-56592-149-2 (O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.)
~$40 US

The main point to be aware of is to come back to this page at the beginning of each new game. Don't just continue to hit the 'new roll' button across several games.

You can have from 1 to 99 dice, and each dice can have from 2 to 999 sides.

Good luck, good hunting, and enjoy!

How many dice (n)?

How many sides (x)?

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